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The 5 Most Desirable Skills for Remote Work

Let’s talk about remote work.

The 5 most desirable skills needed for remote jobs

1. Communication

Over-communication is better than under-communication when you’re working with a remote team. 

Communication is mostly virtual with text messages, voice messages, chats and video calls. If you want to get your message across and be understood, this is one skill you cannot overlook.

2. Digital Literacy

Remote work thrives on digital literacy. You need to be digitally literate to use the tools needed for remote work.

Digital literacy starts from knowing how to use a computer, a phone, the internet, apps, collaboration and communication tools and everything else related to your work online.

3. Independence

This skill is what distinguishes between those who succeed in remote work and those who don’t.

Is self-management something you do very well? 

Can you work without supervision? 

Can you work with a team to decide on the work to be done while you go solo to do your part?

You need to be independent to do quality work where no one is micromanaging you or watching over your shoulders. This skill is the crux of remote work.

4. Time Management

If you lack proper time management, you will be lagging in your duties at work. 

Your inability to manage time can slow down your time and result in missed and unattained goals. Goals are time-bound. If you miss a deadline, you have distorted the fulfillment of a goal.

If you know how to manage time, you’re good to go for remote work.

5. Motivation

Do you need motivational quotes or a motivational speaker to get you out of bed or prepare you for work on a Monday? You might not always have this at your disposal. If you want to be a champion at remote work, then you need to learn how to motivate yourself to work. There are days you would not feel motivated. Having colleagues and team members who are motivated can spur up your motivation in such times.

If you enjoyed this, tell us what more you would like to learn about remote work. 😉

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